\ Free Genealogy Forms from Duane and Mary Bailey

Free Genealogy Forms from the Baileys


My wife (Mary Hagstrom Bailey) and I (Duane A. Bailey) are amateur genealogists studying Baileys entering New England around 1650 and Hagstroms entering around 1850.  We’ve received lots of help from our genealogist friends: thanks!

We have constructed several forms that we use in our own genealogy research.  Please feel free to download, view, and print these forms using Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.

If you don’t have it, get acrobat reader here.

In return, why not send us a short message indicating who you are researching!  We love hearing from all of you and about your family searches from around the world. 

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  1.   Our correspondence log sheet (English/Spanish).  This sheet looks similar to the research log, but keeps track of letters/email you’ve sent to others for information.  The document number refers to letters and responses.  We’ve not used this much, but it’s invaluable for keeping track of, say, foreign correspondence.

We hope you find these sheets useful!

If you have comments or suggested changes, please send us a message.

If you’re interested in helping us translate these forms into another language, we need your help!

Enjoy!  Duane and Mary

  1. A family record sheet (English/Spanish).  This sheet is what we use to keep track of family data.  It features references for each piece of information.

  1. A pedigree chart (English/Spanish).  This is a cross from a version found in Reunion and a chart from the LDS.  Its main feature is that it is simple.

  1. A pedigree fan chart (English/Spanish).  This is a request from our genealogy friends!  It holds 8 generations (255 people).  It is also very simple.

  1. A general family relationships chart (English/Spanish).  This is `family graph paper’.  Names of family members or couples are written in boxes.  Optional lines highlight the relationships.  Use with generations going down, or across.

  1. Several forms of timeline.  These forms allow you to chart our family history events during an arbitrary time period.
    We have versions with 2 lines per sheet (English/Spanish), 3 lines per sheet (English/Spanish), or 6 lines per sheet (English/Spanish).

  1. Our cemetery forms.   These sheets are useful for people who wish to keep track of information in graveyards or sexton’s records.
    A first page (English/Spanish) allows one to map a cemetery and has room for cemetery contact information, as well as room for two gravestone entries. 
    The additional pages (English/Spanish) have smaller maps (perhaps an inset from the first page) and room for six gravestone inscriptions.

  1. Our research log sheet (English/Spanish).  This sheet is fairly standard.  It keeps track of research on an individual in a particular locality.  (We’ve done a lot of work with westward-moving pioneers.  This research is problematic, but these forms are the best approach we can think of.