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Division of the Day

Williams College divides the academic disciplines into three(*) divisions. They're referred to as Division I, Division II, and, yes, Division III(**). Williams has many unusual traditions(***) including the Division of the Day.

This page celebrates the day's Division that we celebrate every day on this page for a day.

Today's Division of the Day is:

Division I

(*) Actually, there are sometimes 4 divisions, numbered 1, 2, 3, and 5.

(**) The Division I studies what it means to be "I", the Arts and Humanities; the Division II studies the interactions between two "I"s, the Social Sciences; and Division III studies things with, for example, three parts, the Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics.

(***) Other traditions include: Mountain Day, a festival celebrated on any of (you guessed it!:) three Fridays in October; First Friday, a celebration of the first Friday of every month, including October; and Reading Period, almost three days in October students take off in celebration of having survived September. The College does not have a tradition of celebrating Columbus day. If the Mountain Day is also a First Friday right before Reading Period, it's really grand.