Labs Available for use with Java Elements
The following are copies of lab exercises from the Java Elements in both PDF and Postscript form. (Postscript is suggested.)
  1. From Chapter 2.4: A first experience with Java. (PDF or Postscript)
    Students become familiar with Java by writing a simple program that makes use of the element package.
  2. From Chapter 2.5: A simple drawing program. (PDF or Postscript)
    By writing a program to scribble on a DrawingWindow, students learn a little more about the element package and simple loops.
  3. From Chapter 2.6: Draw your favorite mascot. (PDF or Postscript)
    We design our first program from scratch. The goal: draw your favorite college mascot.
  4. From Chapter 3.10: Baby, crab, and cone puzzle (PDF or Postscript)
    The sorry tale of Mama and her three charges is brought to life in a program that makes use of booleans, conditionals, and loops.
  5. From Chapter 4.7: Writing a library of methods. (PDF or Postscript)
    We practice writing various methods that will become useful to us in later labs.
  6. From Chapter 5.5: The unspeller. (PDF or Postscript)
    Using Strings, we develop the internals for a simple spelling checker.
  7. From Chapter 6.6: Recursive doodlings. (PDF or Postscript)
    To exercise our talents writing recusive methods in an attempt to doodle in the drawing window.
  8. From Chapter 7.5: Packing bins. (PDF or Postscript)
    One of the hardest problems in computer science is the development of algorithms for packing bins. This array-based program allows the student to experiment with bin-packing strategies in a simple single-person game.
  9. From Chapter 8.7: Implementing a Curve class. (PDF or Postscript)
    We experiment with interfaces by developing a new Drawable object called a Curve.